Faux Outrage From Left Concerning Trump

I believe yesterday is when I first heard about this leaked audio of Trump. All over Facebook, post after post, there were people in a huge frenzy, claiming Trump was such an awful person who is promoting sexual assault on women. On the other side of the aisle, conservative friends were bewildered by all the outrage.


Quick Thoughts on the Presidential Debate #1 Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

After watching the debate, I felt satisfied. Objectively these are two very different candidates who don't just have different ideas but very different demeanors and styles. Trump is fast in his word pace, trying to get out as much as he can, while Clinton was more controlled and steady. In short, both had a good night of debating - they had strong moments and weak ones as well.

Then, I go to my Facebook and wow oh wow... the reactions were all over the map. Some people were declaring a winner and of course this all fell on party lines. My lefty friends thought Hillary was amazing and Donald was rude and awful. My righty friends were all in for Donald, offering many praises and saying that Hillary failed miserably. I also have friends who are just bitter about the whole thing, offering up their negative-Nancy analysis declaring that both should eat crow.

Let me just say, yes, I'm voting for Trump. I like him. I like his style but, he's not everyone's cup of tea. I get that. I don't expect everyone to agree with me and I'm not interested in living in an echo-chamber either. This is why I have friends who hail from all over the political spectrum. However, I couldn't deny that Hillary put up a good performance.

Too many people seem to believe this was a sporting event but in reality, debates are about observing politicians and how they handle themselves. Are they quick on their feet? Can they command a room in a comfortable way? Or are they awkward? How do they handle uncomfortable situations? Let's face it, presidents will eventually find themselves in uncomfortable situations  and they need to be able to control themselves and still respond in an intelligent way.

One major difficulty both candidates must deal with is HOW they talk about the issues. Audiences often consist of about 20% of the people who have a superior knowledge of politics. They know their history and they know about issues. The other 80% consist of people on a spectrum who know little to very little about politics and in some cases - nothing. It's important for the candidates to state their positions clearly and with precision, demonstrating great knowledge, but not so sophisticated that you talk over the heads of the majority of your audience. It is a very difficult line to walk.

1) I didn't even really notice Trump sniffling but apparently the left did and now they are actually trying to say Trump was sniffing coke. This is so ignorant and if the roles were reversed, the top news story would read, "Racist and Evil Republicans Lose Debate and Makeup Stories About Clinton Using Coke." The accusation is baseless and absurd. I guess the left is just getting desperate to tear Trump down.

2) As far as him not releasing his tax statements, if his attorney advised him not to release the information until after his audit, then of course that's the route he should take. Releasing anything would just cause a delay in his audit and the public would be subjected to superfolous and half-assed biased speculation from liberal pundits. All of this would be a waste of time for Trump and the voters. If the situation were in reverse, the democrats would be calling foul immediately.

3) Trump needs to bring up Beghazi.

4) Hillary's, "I made a mistake," comment in response to her deleting 30,000 e-mails is not good enough. Setting up a private server and using that to send classified information is hardly what anyone with a few firing neurons would call, "a mistake." What she did was deliberate and wiping her server clean only further demonstrates that she had something to hide. It's becoming rather irriating that she thinks Americans are so stupid and she acts as if she's above reproach - the same demenor our current president displays.

5) Someone please tell me how Hillary is "for women" when she herself is a substandard example of a strong woman. She chose to stay with an abusive husband, a man who cheated on her and actually raped at least one woman we know about. She not only protected this sexual predator of women but, she also went after his victims. She slandered them and did everything in her power to shut them up. What kind of an example is this for woman in America?

Strong women who are not afraid of being alone, and not afraid to stand up for themselves are the only kind who have ever provided me with inspiration and help. These are the type of women we need to be an example for our future generations. To me, Hillary represents a weak woman who made the choice to stick with a man who treated her like garbage and she chose to keep this man to be an example for her own daughter. Hillary is more interested in herself then she is with empowering other women.


The Alternative Conservative Podcast - Episode #2

For this episode, I will continue to discuss Making a Murderer and will touch upon the topics of confirmation bias and logical fallacies.

I must warn you that I had some difficulty with the audio. In short, I played around too much. When I tried to save some of my work, it didn't save. I'm sure I will be running into new problems as I go along (that's just to be expected when you're learning a new tool), but this time around I did discover some new tricks so hopefully the next one will go a lot smoother. Fingers crossed!

Please use the image below for reference during the first part of the show.

Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C

L-Ascorbic acid.svg

Logical Fallacies Poster



I Watched The Ann Coulter [Rob Lowe] Roast

I was a tad anxious and even apprehensive about watching Ann Coulter perform at this Roast of Rob Lowe. I wanted to watch the moment I discovered she would be on the panel of roasters because I was curious what she would say but, I was scared about what the others were going to say. I adore Ann but let's face it, she's not everyone's cup of tea; she certainly is not appreciated by the elites of Hollywood. Still, there was a glimmer of hope that her invite might also be a sign that perhaps some in Hollywood are at least willing to kid around with a conservative - a huge step in the right direction for them, and not just any conservative - this is Ann Coulter we are talking about.


Zarna Joshi - Is She For Real or Does She Have a Mental Illness?

Image result for Zarna Joshi
 Zarna with a red dot on her forehead.

Zarna Joshi is credited as being a SJW activist, (that's Social Justice Warrior just in case you don't know). She recently uploaded a video documenting her own actions earlier this month while she attended Seattle's City Council accompanied by Black Lives Matter activists. They were all protesting the construction of a new police station that is being referred to as "The Bunker." 

The video begins with Zarna pointing out someone from the media interviewing a man she identifies as being pro-cop/pro-Bunker. She seems to be rather angry that she is witnessing the media interview this man and not someone from BLM. The man being interviewed has a daughter who was a heroin addict and he gives credit to the police for saving her life.

After his interview is over, the man has no choice but to walk by Zarma and notices she is filming him. He says to her (as best as I can hear), "You took my picture." Zarma confirms she did and then he asks, "you want my name?" She says yes and he responds jokingly, "Hugh Mongous."

The man clearly shows in his expression and name-joke that he is not taking this woman seriously. He certainly doesn't owe this woman anything, much less his real name however, Zarna becomes unhinged. She proceeds to shout at him, "Hugh Mongous what?" repeatedly. When he repeats himself with a smirk, she almost instantly begins to make the accusation that he sexually harassed her, "Is that sexual harassment?" At this point, the man is in utter disbelief. Zarna doesn't stop; she continues to go into a sort of frenzied rage, finishing off with an accusation that she was abused.

In the video, you can see the man slowly dismissing her and backing away with each step she takes towards him. As Zarna becomes louder and more enraged, she begins to reach out to her fellow supporters for affirmation. It's clear she's looking for support and she seems interested in getting other people excited and angered. We then see security intervene and the man walks away completely. Zarna now focuses her rage onto the people handling the security. "Are you going to do anything about how he sexually harassed me?"

The yelling and shouting continue and Zarna portrays herself as an immature, entitled, spoiled brat or someone going into some type of mentally disturbed rage. Her perception of reality is disturbing. I would imagine that most people, like myself, are left cringing watching this video as it unfolds and seems to never stop escalating until the very end. 

Zarna continues to verbally attack the security guards. She calls them vulgar names and insults them. She appears as being in an irrational state of total disbelief as to why they are not hunting down the man who told her a name joke. 

What did she expect them to do? The man has no authority over her; he is a complete stranger who happens to be a natural enemy by supporting the police. He doesn't owe her anything but let's say he did say something inappropriate. Let's pretend he said something real vulgar like, "You're a woman - only good for a pair of tits and a p*ssy. Now go make me a sammich." So what? It's not illegal to say something inappropriate or rude, not in this particular context anyway. If she worked for him that might be another story but, even then you have to prove the harassment. 

Her accusations about this man's behavior are absurd and irrational but what are we, as reasonable observers, supposed to make of this woman? Is she doing this for attention? Does she really believe her own nonsense? Or is she just behaving this way because she's brainwashed to react in this manner? I believe it to be a combination of sorts. I believe someone like this is probably suffering from some sort of mental issue coupled with a lack of intelligence. Add to this her interest in the far-left radical/regressive ideology, which indicates some brainwashing is present, and we are left with a recipe for disaster.

Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, has long claimed that liberalism in its extreme form is a mental disorder and this claim could not be more accurately expressed during this woman's video.

Zarna later took to social media and posted bizarre rants, further informing the world she's bat sh!t crazy. 

It appears that Zarna has been in the process of trying to delete all traces of the very video she posted. She took down her Facebook post and has made other attempts at shutting down those who mirrored her video.

This woman calls herself a community organizer (imagine that), and can be found working through some extreme group called Backbone Campaign. She appears to be just another classical spoiled woman-child, in a state of arrested development, who is looking for anything to give her life meaning. She will even go so far as to make up things and slander innocent people in order to satisfy this need.

Congratulations to "Hugh Mongus" for dealing with Zarna so quickly and not taking anything this woman said seriously. This is exactly the type of treatment women like this deserve. They should never be taken seriously. Always double down when you encounter these loons. Never apologize for not sharing their mentally disturbed perception of reality. In the meantime, let's hope Zarna gets her medication balanced in the coming months. 
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