The Oscars I Didn't Watch

Okay, yes, I have watched The Oscars before. It's cute. It's fun and interesting and all that good stuff but it's just a bunch of celebrity worship and a glorified PR event.

The movies that did not gain the expected profit margin, went over-budget, lacked advertising, but had a fairly strong cast and script are those that are put up for the award by studios. This is exactly why half the time when the winners are announced, the audience at home is going, "Huh? What movie is that? I never heard of it. I guess I should see it!" It's a win-win for the studios and the actors, directors, and other talent get a statue to celebrate/brag/gush over. Woopie dooo!

Just like other big-type events, I'm the gal who's sort of the party pooper. I'm not into the Super Bowl; I'm certainly not into the Oscars. I realize people like to get together for these events and watch them at home. It's all in good fun and I don't begrudge anyone that does so. It's just not something I personally "get" into.

I get annoyed over all the fawning, criticizing, selfish behavior that is constantly on display during these events. Why do these people feel the need to make such long speeches? Why do they always come across as people who think they are so much more important than they truly are? Lord knows how much coke is snorted or other drugs smoked among these actors at this big event.

Let's also not forget the politically correct messages that are pushed in our faces while hypocrisy bleeds through the ceremony. How can Hollywood talk about equality of women when it still insists on dividing the best actor award -- actor/actress? I do not understand. There is nothing but hypocrisy and elitism to watch year after year. It just gets stale.

Leave it to Facebook to give me updates on the show. It's not like you can escape the hype and anticipation. People love this stuff. Even people who dislike Hollywood enjoy this show.

I heard that Matthew McConaughey won and it shocked many that he actually thanked G-d, which doesn't seem to happen much these days.

Unfortunately, The Oscars did not steer away from indirectly awarding a child molester/scumbag, Woody Allen by giving best actress award to Cate Banchett, who actually thanked Woody. Yuck.

The audience applauded at the mention of his name but maybe not as much as would normally be expected.

I cannot understand why it is The Oscars are hell bent on celebrating people like Allen.


Victim Alec Baldwin

Art by Raymond Pettibon, courtesy of David Zwirner Gallery, New York

I just finished reading the article Alec Baldwin wrote published in Vulture. Apparently he has now decided that he will change directions in his life; he writes:


Why Many People Have Difficulty in Accepting Global Warming

It seems rational that human activity can affect the climate. We know it has affected our immediate environment.  After all, we have witnessed natural water resources become polluted; we have witnessed air pollution as well. Most of the pollution have been a result of poorly managed industrial protocols. In many cases government has had to step in and demand that industries change their practices in order to ensure that citizens are protected, keeping their environment safe. Clean air and water is in the best interest of all.


Marijuana Users Have Abnormal Brain Structure -- More Links to Developing Schizophrenia

A Northwestern Medicine® study has shown that marijuana users develop abnormal brain structures. They also state that this new study shows the heavy use of marijuana may lead to developing schizophrenia. The results also show that this abnormal brain structure produces a poor working memory.

As with other studies that have been done, this one also confirms that those who begin using the drug early on in their teens are the highest at risk for developing these problems.

To read more about this study, click here.


Straight A Students Rewarded With Pizza Party -- How Dare They!

Eastern Middle School in Silver Springs, MD decided to hold a pizza party for their straight A students. Students who acquired B's and C's were allowed to attend after school but received no pizza and those students who received lower grades were not invited at all.

Watching this story and the media's take on how unfair it was ...ugh... My first reaction? Is this a joke? Are we really complaining about a school rewarding their top students? Since when is incentive a bad thing? WTF?

Apparently, children who work hard should not be rewarded and a pizza party should be given to all students, even if they are lazy and refuse to do their work. Does this make any sense to anyone? What on earth has happened in this country that we are afraid of encouraging and rewarding good students? WTF?

Not fair? What is not fair is allowing kids who did poorly to also be rewarded. Is it any wonder our schools are failing, with this sort of attitude being promoted in the media?

The reporter even seemed to shun the straight A students, asking if the pizza made them smarter and if they thought it was fair? How RUDE! This reporter should be ashamed.

There are winners and loser in this world. That's how life is. What good is school if we are not teaching students reality?

Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, MD

There Are People Who Make Mistakes and Then There Are Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

Before I even begin this post, I would like to make a few points known. First of all, until recently I had not bothered to read anything in detail about the drama that has been going on for years between Mia Farrow, Woody Allen, and Soon-Yi. I had known he married the adopted daughter of Mia and the very act itself has always disgusted me. I have never been a fan of Woody Allen; I cannot even think of a movie I have even seen of his and quite frankly, I never was interested in seeing one. From my little exposure to him, he has always came across to me as a typical "Hollywood elitist" who believes he's better than everyone. It is fair to say that I am biased. If you are looking for someone to be fair and an article that will offer both sides equal credibility, I must tell you that I can only be honest in saying that this post will not satisfy you.


Is This Who Obama's Son Would Look Like?

These days, it's impolite to point out someone's hypocrisy. Oh wait, it's okay to do so if you're a far-lefty talking about one those neanderthal conservatives. So let me re-word that: It's impolite to point out the hypocrisy of liberals if you are conservative. Lucky for me, I've never been called polite. Tactless. I've been called tactless.

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