Come On Trump!

I swear I think these news stations carry this election stuff on just to frustrate us. I have been  up and down all night. I don't pray much these days but I did tonight - not for Trump, not for me, for our country. I just want what is best for all of us and we need to heal.

G-d Bless us all! G-d Bless America!

To whoever becomes president (please be Trump!), may we get behind them and wish the best for them - for all of us!



It's About That Time...

Yes, I'm anxious and ready for this Tuesday to be over. I'm excited and nervous and happy and overjoyed. I cannot look at polls. I don't even care. I'm ready to vote FOR Trump. I'm not voting against Hillary - I'm voting FOR a man who I see as being the best opportunity America has for healing this nation. For all his flaws, the man is a winner and I believe he's determined to set the country moving in a positive direction that will ultimately lift all of us up and not collectively bring us down.

Whoever you vote for, make sure you are voting FOR that person.

If you haven't figured out who you will vote for...

Make the decision based on facts and not conspiracies. I know both the left and right has been hammered with one conspiracy after the next - I urge you to pay no mind to that gibbering. Focus on what has been laid out for you, the facts that you can verify, and discover which candidate agrees with you the most on what you believe.

You really should vote. I know many of you out there might be saying, "I'm not voting because I can't vote for either of these two clowns," or some other similar phrase. I understand but at the same time, your apathy is what allows the system to stay the same. Trump has at least a realistic shot at winning and a vote FOR him will at the very least shake things up in Washington. I urge you not be discouraged. Many people would love for you to feel this way and to feel hopeless but don't. We are not going to fix everything overnight and there will never be a candidate that will fill the role of Calgon's promise to take you away. This isn't Oz. There are no red slippers for heel-clicking. This is reality and you must deal with it - one step at a time.

For me, I know Trump is not this nation's savior. He will not get into the Oval Office and fix every problem. There's no human being that will do such a thing but, I do believe he will be able to at least accomplish a few of the goals that he has proposed and for me, that's good enough. I'm not seeking a hero; I'm just looking for a leader who believes in America.

I haven't been this excited since Reagan!

Trump 2016 "Let's do this!"


Hillary Cleared by FBI Again - Questions Still Not Answered

Forgive me for writing this quickly but I have to get this all out. I'm still trying to catch up on all the information and make sense of it so everything I write here now has the potential of changing in the following months.

The FBI apparently cleared Hillary from any wrong doing again, concerning e-mails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

For months conservatives have ben told via the internet that bombshells were going to be dropped concerning Clinton's alleged ties to child sex crimes and smuggling of children. The Wikileaks were able to confirm Bill Clinton's trips to pedo-island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Hillary is said to have also gone to this same island.

Now, we are finding out that there were indeed some US citizens that were involved in some illegal orphanage and child smuggling but Hillary, as head of State Department, was obligated to defend this person because of her citizen status.

Laura Silsby was arrested in Haiti. From the cable:
Laura Silsby, the leader of the U.S. missionaries, had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. Pagina 12 appeared more objective; however, it reported that while the Americans claimed to be on a humanitarian mission, "it transcended that the children were not orphans and that most were delivered to the U.S. missionaires with their parents' authorization." 

It appears that 10 citizens in total were originally arrested. Silsby was charged and served about 6 months in prison.  It is being reported that the communications concerning the possible charge of child smuggling were then turned into Clinton being involved but again, this would have been part of her job - protecting US citizens charged for crimes in other countries.

So, let's back up a bit...

After the earthquake, Laura Silsby and some other Christians from a Baptist Church went down to Haiti and gathered up some children and attempted to cross the Haiti-Dominican Republic border, to take to a hotel being converted into an orphanage. There were 10 people who were arrested for child trafficking. Eventually, all but Silsby were released and she did end up with a conviction and given time served.

It is quite unfortunate that so many of us were misled to believe this was much more nefarious than what it truly was. On the other hand, it is a relief to know that it does appear everyone is doing fine and no one was harmed; it was a case of people not doing things in a proper, legal way.

Yet, we still don't have any answers concerning Epstein and there are still rumors circulating that there is more to be released once certain people get out of the country for their personal safety. It's Sunday before the election and still nothing. Also, why hasn't NYPD followed up on their claim of releasing everything they have? Was most of this a misunderstanding or have we all been trolled?

Let's just say we have been trolled, why? What good did this accomplish? If they were trying to stir trouble up with Trump supporters, they played their hand so long that it seems to have still worked against Hillary, not for her.

Annonymous is claiming that there is still more but cannot be released for another few months because there is still so much to review and archive.

There is also the issue concerning The Clinton Foundation. Was there pay to play involved or not? Can this even be proven and where is Huma Abedin? How did the FBI manage to go through all 650,000 e-mails in less than 5 days? Even if they were mostly duplicates, that's still quite a few more e-mails than before and what were they doing Weiner's laptop? Isn't Hillary responsible for that information? How can she not be? How is it she has been allowed to be so reckless with e-mails? You can hardly blame people for thinking something disastrous considering we know who Weiner is and his pedophile nature.

The answers to these questions will not be answered anytime soon, if ever. Will it be too late? Are there some more tricks up the sleeves of crooked Hillary?

Tell me what you think. 


Yes, Stereotyping and Broad Brush Strokes Are Real and Here's Why

As someone who has studied politics and has followed politics for over 20 years, I can tell you that every time the presidential election comes along, an influx of people always barge their way into the conversation and then become upset whenever they are actually challenged. It's like being at a party and you're talking to a small group of people for a few hours and someone comes along, they hear a few lines, and then they proceed to lecture the group on all of what they think they know. Everyone tries to be polite, some may even try to correct this newcomer but, in the end, it never seems to smooth out. When it comes to politics, it's even worse because too many are led by emotions and not facts.

In modern times, the internet has made it extremely easier for these "newbies" to get involved and in some cases, these people find their own soap box to stand on. Their audiences are equally unaware of what is going on and it just seems to be a case of the blind leading the blind.

One problem I always run across is the anger that people have when you paint with broad brush strokes or label using stereotypes. To the newcomer, these very common ways of having a discussion are considered rude or "wrong" and should be somehow avoided, not realizing they themselves often engage in the very same tactic. The point is, when discussing politics, in confined amounts of time, we cannot use Pointillism. We must grab that very broad brush and get to painting.  The broad brush is akin to using an average or mean in mathematics. Those of us who regularly engage in political discussion understand that we are not talking about "all" people in a certain category. Of course, we mean "not all" and quite frankly, I'm a bit tired of having to explain this constantly but, if it's not done, you end up with lunatics resorting to calling you a racist or some other bizarre ad hom.

Most all people who involve themselves in American politics fall somewhere in the middle - maybe a little left or right but, generally certain views on issues will fall to the right or left side. This is just how politics works. There's no reason to take offense to this. Of course, you can be on the left and be a person who is against abortion. We all understand this but, generally speaking, when discussing pro-life, we are talking about an issue supported by the right. Generalizations are what moves the conversation forward. When someone has to continually disrupt and demand everyone talk about the anomalies, the conversation is stalled and tension begins to fill the air. One side is trying to discuss something in a way that has always been previously accepted, while another side is demanding the rules be changed because they are "offended" and do not truly understand the general rules.

It's not a matter of a logical fallacy when the general understanding has already been established. So when you turn on the news and you see a political pundit talking in very broad definitions, understand that there is a REASON they do this. They are merely trying to get out as much information as they can and discuss things in a way that allows the listener or viewer to develop a full picture quickly without being bogged down by too much detail. This isn't to say details should be ignored, it's to say that when it comes to general political discussions, we must be focused on the averages and not the deviations.

While I enjoy watching new people become more interested in politics, since this is a very important area that affects everyone who lives in this world, I also would like to encourage people to learn a little bit more about how discussions take place and how to navigate through them without so much emotion and without becoming so offended.

If there is an issue you are interested in learning more about, take the time to really research that topic from all of the different angles you can find. Learn about the history of that issue as well as why it's important to either side. Keep in mind that everyone is very different and we all should know that not every person on the right is the same, just like not every person on the left is the same. These are concepts that are already implied and should not need to be explained.

Political discussion should be fun and passionate but, things really turn sour when some people just don't quite understand the rules. This election has really brought out some disturbing behavior that I have never witnessed in prior elections. I really do believe part of the problem stems from people, 1) not knowing the very basics of political discourse, and 2) not having an understanding of historical reference concerning the issues.

To summarize everything:

1) The general views of issues tend to fall on the right or left.

2) We should all understand that most individuals believe in a combination of views. Some are on the left, some on the right. 

3) Stereotypes or generalities are used in politics, just like means or averages are used in math and science for the purposes of moving along a conversation and not used in a way to demean others.

4) Politics is a science and while emotion and passion can come into play, they should be generally avoided when you analyze an issue.


Faux Outrage From Left Concerning Trump

I believe yesterday is when I first heard about this leaked audio of Trump. All over Facebook, post after post, there were people in a huge frenzy, claiming Trump was such an awful person who is promoting sexual assault on women. On the other side of the aisle, conservative friends were bewildered by all the outrage.

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