Bill Maher on How Muslim Values and American Values are Different

Is Bill Maher finally finding his way back to the center? Back in the day when Bill was just a host on Politically Incorrect, his views started off fairly libertarian and later on he drifted to the left - far left in many cases. He found himself on HBO after his program was cancelled due to a "too politically incorrect" statement and while conservatives were the ones who disagreed with his statement, they were also the only ones pointing out the injustice of his firing.

Bill once again finds himself in an "unholy" alliance with conservatives who rightly recognize that Islam carries with it values that are not compatible with Western culture.

A certain trend is taking place in America now. The political landscape is changing and rather than liberals vs. conservatives, it seems we are being divided by authoritarian vs. libertarian. No matter what the mainstream liberals will tell us, most liberals in this country are in the center and they still very much value general freedoms. They want nothing to do with a culture that treats women as second-class or stones people for adultery and homosexuality. This is one area where we need to stand together.


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Beliefs About Sharia

Beliefs About Sharia

Why are Americans concerned about refugees? Is it because we are a bunch of bigots? Well, speaking for myself - no. I would like to believe that most people are generally the same in understanding most people, including Muslims are generally good, non-violent, decent people. However, many Muslims support Sharia law, a set of laws that are in direct contrast to so many of our native laws that cherish the freedom of speech, religion, and civil rights.

Sharia law dictates the removal of hands for committing a crime of theft. It demands stoning for sins like adultery and for simply being a homosexual. My question for many liberals demanding we accept these people with open arms and hearts is simple - why are you so willing to accept people that strongly support laws that are outright hostile to current Western values?

I get it. You hate the right because we want things like family and G-d. We aren't keen on aborting babies because they are innocent. We like law and order. We enjoy living in a society that values justice and freedom. We also like clinging to our guns. These particular things you might not enjoy or appreciate. For many of you, it's more of a label game. You see the things we appreciate and value and infer things that are simply not true - calling us names like homophobes, Nazis, racists, etc. Maybe you interpret us too arbitrarily. We do have our extremists, no doubt but most of us are fairly reasonable, contrary to what the media tells you. Maybe you don't like Christianity. It is an old religion and many of you have expressed your disapproval of old ideas from the Bible. I might not agree but, I can understand. I can. I assure you being conservative doesn't mean you have an inability to view things through a different lens.

I still have to ask, if you hate the right and what we stand for, how on earth can you tolerate those who support Sharia law? Yes, I know some of you enjoy cherry-picking Bible versus in an attempt to either shame us or make us feel like hypocrites. However, setting the Bible aside because in the end arguing about it is indeed a futile experience, should we not take other circumstances into consideration?

I understand wanting to help people but how far should we go? The fact is, most of these particular people have ideas and values that are just not compatible with our Constitution. There may indeed be wonderful people who are willing to work and become contributing US citizens but there is also a strong likelihood that many of them have no interest in doing those things.

Yes, many are coming out and saying these attacks are not in their name. No, most Muslims do not practice extreme Islam, nor are they violent. Yes, there are documented cases of extreme Christians who have killed. All of these points are correct yet, no matter how much you may despise Christianity, there is nothing in their doctrine that demands women wear a burka. There is also nothing that demands people to stone homosexuals or those who commit adultery. I also see no laws in the Christian world that support the removal of hands as being a form of punishment for those who steal.

In Russia, 26% of Muslims said they support a person being stoned to death for adultery. Now you may say to me, "26% is not the majority." Yes, but it's still 1 in 4! Shouldn't it be 0 in 4? Stoning someone to death for anything is something we as Americans should not ever support. I don't know one American that supports a punishment like that - not one, liberal or conservative. It is simply NOT an American value. Can you really not see why so many of us are concerned about these refugees?

You are free to judge me however you please but, please don't lecture me or the right in this country about being tolerant when you, as supposed liberals, cannot muster up enough tolerance to tolerate your own fellow citizens. No, you'd rather pat yourselves on the back and give your support to people you don't even really know, people who really support nothing you value. At least the right in this country allow you disagree with them and even respect you. I cannot say the same for the people you are advocating to come here.

Beliefs About Sharia
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