#80 - Why don't people trust GMOs?

How On Earth Did I Miss ElevatorGate?

If you are like me, you missed this story. If you already know this story...well, lucky you...so let's go back to 2011.... yes, 2011.

Rebecca Watson who fancies herself a feminist-skeptic (which is basically an oxymoron), posted this video:

Lovely, is it not? Rebecca first complains about misogyny and then she relays a story about a blind man who was in an elevator with her and asked her to his hotel room for a cup of coffee. [GASP!] I know, right?! After you're done wailing and gnashing your teeth, please come back ...there's more.

Well, not everyone in the atheist community agrees with our skepti-princess. Richard Dawkins decided to reply to Rebecca in the most adapt and innovative way:
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