The Alternative Conservative Podcast - Episode #2

For this episode, I will continue to discuss Making a Murderer and will touch upon the topics of confirmation bias and logical fallacies.

I must warn you that I had some difficulty with the audio. In short, I played around too much. When I tried to save some of my work, it didn't save. I'm sure I will be running into new problems as I go along (that's just to be expected when you're learning a new tool), but this time around I did discover some new tricks so hopefully the next one will go a lot smoother. Fingers crossed!

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Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C

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I Watched The Ann Coulter [Rob Lowe] Roast

I was a tad anxious and even apprehensive about watching Ann Coulter perform at this Roast of Rob Lowe. I wanted to watch the moment I discovered she would be on the panel of roasters because I was curious what she would say but, I was scared about what the others were going to say. I adore Ann but let's face it, she's not everyone's cup of tea; she certainly is not appreciated by the elites of Hollywood. Still, there was a glimmer of hope that her invite might also be a sign that perhaps some in Hollywood are at least willing to kid around with a conservative - a huge step in the right direction for them, and not just any conservative - this is Ann Coulter we are talking about.


Zarna Joshi - Is She For Real or Does She Have a Mental Illness?

Image result for Zarna Joshi
 Zarna with a red dot on her forehead.

Zarna Joshi is credited as being a SJW activist, (that's Social Justice Warrior just in case you don't know). She recently uploaded a video documenting her own actions earlier this month while she attended Seattle's City Council accompanied by Black Lives Matter activists. They were all protesting the construction of a new police station that is being referred to as "The Bunker." 

The video begins with Zarna pointing out someone from the media interviewing a man she identifies as being pro-cop/pro-Bunker. She seems to be rather angry that she is witnessing the media interview this man and not someone from BLM. The man being interviewed has a daughter who was a heroin addict and he gives credit to the police for saving her life.

After his interview is over, the man has no choice but to walk by Zarma and notices she is filming him. He says to her (as best as I can hear), "You took my picture." Zarma confirms she did and then he asks, "you want my name?" She says yes and he responds jokingly, "Hugh Mongous."

The man clearly shows in his expression and name-joke that he is not taking this woman seriously. He certainly doesn't owe this woman anything, much less his real name however, Zarna becomes unhinged. She proceeds to shout at him, "Hugh Mongous what?" repeatedly. When he repeats himself with a smirk, she almost instantly begins to make the accusation that he sexually harassed her, "Is that sexual harassment?" At this point, the man is in utter disbelief. Zarna doesn't stop; she continues to go into a sort of frenzied rage, finishing off with an accusation that she was abused.

In the video, you can see the man slowly dismissing her and backing away with each step she takes towards him. As Zarna becomes louder and more enraged, she begins to reach out to her fellow supporters for affirmation. It's clear she's looking for support and she seems interested in getting other people excited and angered. We then see security intervene and the man walks away completely. Zarna now focuses her rage onto the people handling the security. "Are you going to do anything about how he sexually harassed me?"

The yelling and shouting continue and Zarna portrays herself as an immature, entitled, spoiled brat or someone going into some type of mentally disturbed rage. Her perception of reality is disturbing. I would imagine that most people, like myself, are left cringing watching this video as it unfolds and seems to never stop escalating until the very end. 

Zarna continues to verbally attack the security guards. She calls them vulgar names and insults them. She appears as being in an irrational state of total disbelief as to why they are not hunting down the man who told her a name joke. 

What did she expect them to do? The man has no authority over her; he is a complete stranger who happens to be a natural enemy by supporting the police. He doesn't owe her anything but let's say he did say something inappropriate. Let's pretend he said something real vulgar like, "You're a woman - only good for a pair of tits and a p*ssy. Now go make me a sammich." So what? It's not illegal to say something inappropriate or rude, not in this particular context anyway. If she worked for him that might be another story but, even then you have to prove the harassment. 

Her accusations about this man's behavior are absurd and irrational but what are we, as reasonable observers, supposed to make of this woman? Is she doing this for attention? Does she really believe her own nonsense? Or is she just behaving this way because she's brainwashed to react in this manner? I believe it to be a combination of sorts. I believe someone like this is probably suffering from some sort of mental issue coupled with a lack of intelligence. Add to this her interest in the far-left radical/regressive ideology, which indicates some brainwashing is present, and we are left with a recipe for disaster.

Radio talk show host, Michael Savage, has long claimed that liberalism in its extreme form is a mental disorder and this claim could not be more accurately expressed during this woman's video.

Zarna later took to social media and posted bizarre rants, further informing the world she's bat sh!t crazy. 

It appears that Zarna has been in the process of trying to delete all traces of the very video she posted. She took down her Facebook post and has made other attempts at shutting down those who mirrored her video.

This woman calls herself a community organizer (imagine that), and can be found working through some extreme group called Backbone Campaign. She appears to be just another classical spoiled woman-child, in a state of arrested development, who is looking for anything to give her life meaning. She will even go so far as to make up things and slander innocent people in order to satisfy this need.

Congratulations to "Hugh Mongus" for dealing with Zarna so quickly and not taking anything this woman said seriously. This is exactly the type of treatment women like this deserve. They should never be taken seriously. Always double down when you encounter these loons. Never apologize for not sharing their mentally disturbed perception of reality. In the meantime, let's hope Zarna gets her medication balanced in the coming months. 


Pam Hupp - Remember Her?

Pam Hupp testimony

Pam Hupp testifies during a civil trial in January 2016. Image courtesy of Fox 2 / Dave Sharp.

Dave Sharp
****UPDATE**** Pam has been arrested for first-degree murder in this case. ***Grab your popcorn and read below for latest update - written 8/27/16***

If you don't remember Ms. Hupp, be sure to check out my previous post here.

The short version- she is the woman who claimed to friends with Betsy Faria and was the last person to see Betsy before she died. Coincidentally, Betsy had signed over her life insurance policy to Pam just four days before she was stabbed to death. Pam also was used as a witness by the state to convict Russ Faris (Betsy's husband), of murder. Eventually, Russ' conviction was overturned and he is now a free man but during all this ordeal, the speculation over Pam and her possible involvement in Betsy's death continues and today we learn just another reason why that is.

Pam Hupp has found her way back into the headlines of her local news. It is confirmed she killed a man who she claims broke into her home.

So far, the reports confirm Pam claimed she was in her driveway when she was approached by a man. There was some sort of struggle that moved inside her home and she shot him dead. She also managed to call the police prior to grabbing a gun and shooting this man dead. Then she called the police back informing them she had killed the man.

The man has now been identified as 33-year-old Louis Gumpenberger. Pam claims she doesn't know who this man was. It has just been reported that in 2005, Louis had suffered in a car accident where he was driving drunk and steered into oncoming traffic resulting in a brain injury.

Those who knew Louis are suspicious. They simply do not understand how he was able to make his way to Hupp's home and because of his disability and his nature, they are simply not convinced he was there to commit a robbery. Considering Pam Hupp's past, it is safe to say their skepticism is quite reasonable.

According to the latest report, Louis was scheduled for a job interview at BCI Packaging, a place he had worked at before. 

“It was odd that he didn’t show up because he really, I mean he had come up here so many times wanting the job,” program director Katie Jones said. “So we knew something was off not to show up for the interview.”
Even more bizarre is the fact that Louis did not drive. He generally went nowhere without his mother yet somehow he found his way to Pam Hupp's home 13 miles away from his apartment. How?

So far, Pam had a mother who died in a tragic yet odd way. She was the last person to see Betsy alive. We also know that just before Betsy died, she had collected money for a woman who had cancer yet that woman's family never saw a dime from Pam. Pam also had several different stories about Betsy's life insurance policy; ultimately the court allowed her to keep it even though she had already spent all the money on herself. Who in their right minds believes a young woman would rather have had a distant friend gain $150,000 after her death as opposed to her own daughters? Finally, we have a disabled man approaching Pam in her driveway, somehow finding his way inside her home, and shot dead.

Drama, crazy, and death follow Pam wherever she goes. Hopefully, this time, the police will figure out why.

***UPDATE 8/27/16 

TRIGGER WARNING - The image below
 may terrify the average person. Proceed with caution. Please remove all children from the room before scrolling down. 

Pamela Hupp
Holy sh!t it's Pam Hupp in her new fav color - prison orange. 

Pam has been arrested and you're never gonna believe this crazy ass story - we are talking epic-fail, epic-stupid. So grab your wine or whatever your poison and a snack and let's try our best to dissect this nutzo story.

Louis Gumpenberger was found dead in Hupp's home after she called police informing them a man was trying to break into her home. Initially, not much information was known about what had transpired other than we were told that Pam was cooperating with authorities - how nice of her.

Police have finally laid out the evidence against Pam and why they have chosen to finally throw 
her this psychotic bitch behind bars and this story is a doozie, let me tell you.
Here's what we know...

Several days before this shooting took place, Pam approached a woman and told her she worked for Dateline. She offered this woman $1000 to read a script that Pam claimed would be them reenacting a 911 call. The woman initially agreed but became suspicious when Pam could not provide any credentials. This woman then took to her Facebook page and warned people about a blonde woman in an SUV claiming to be with Dateline.
Facebook post

When police found this woman, she also described to them the 911 call Pam wanted her to record. It sounded eerily similar to the call police received when Pam reported the break-in.

With all the new information police know, it is believed that Pam had approached Louis just outside of his apartment building. Her cell phone shows it pinged right near his apartment complex about 40 minutes prior to her 911 call. Since Louis was consistently described as someone who was trusting and gullible, Pam's offer of $900 for reading a short script likely seemed believable to Louis and he trusted her enough to get into her vehicle where she proceeded to drive home. The reenactment was then played out resulting in Pam shooting Louis and murdering him. 

Police say they had discovered a note in Louis' pocket that described a plan for Louis to kidnap Pam, take her to the bank to get "Russ' money," and then Louis was instructed to kill Pam and bring the money to Russ. Accompanying the note was $900 and this note was recognized by police as having been planted on Louis. 

Can we just stop and laugh hysterically for a few minutes? 

Holy sh!t this is retarded! So Pam wanted the police to believe that Russ tracked some guy down to get money from Pam and have her killed? This guy was actually supposed to get over a hundred grand from Pam, kill her, and actually bring it back to Russ so that Russ could them give him a paltry 10k???? ...and all this was written in a note the hitman was carrying on his person?? LMFAO!!! ROFL!!! 

Oh but it gets even more stupid. No. Not kidding.

Pam told police that someone dropped Louis off and he approached her in her driveway, held a knife to her throat, and physically attempted to push her into her vehicle so they could get "Russ' money." She also told police she didn't know a Russ.

What the ever--loving f**k? She went through two murder trials where Russ was the defendant and she was the star witness and can't think of who Russ is? Someone slap her around, please. 

Being the super-Pam she is, she managed to get away from a strange man holding a knife to her and she ran inside her home to call police. She then claims this man came into her house and she was forced to grab her gun from her nightstand and when he came closer, she shot him dead. Wow, what a hero she makes herself out to be and in reality, she's just a coward and a cold-blooded killer who has the mentality of a child. 

So this old, fat woman collecting disability told police she got away from a younger man holding a knife to her and she expected someone to believe this? Oh Pam, you did not think any of this through, did you? What makes this even more hilarious is by doing this and getting caught, she fully implicated herself in Betsy's murder. Why else would she bother with such an elaborate hoax?

Pam was arrested. Having access to a pen, Pam went to the restroom at the police station and stabbed herself in the wrists and neck (just like how Betsy died), but as with everything Pam does, she failed to rid the world of her sorry ass existence. She was taken to the hospital and treated. 

From what has been reported, it seems that Pam may have carried out this murder as a way to deflect pressure from police who have likely re-opened the Faria case. It has also been stated that police re-examined Hupp's mother's death and found no wrongdoing however, most people (online), are convinced Pam helped push her mother to an early grave.

Now that Pam is behind bars, it will be interesting if her husband says something to the media or to the police. Who knows what twists and turns are ahead but if the past in any indication of the future, this is going to get even more interesting. 


Ben Shapiro on James Comey About Hilary

Here we are about a month after the fact and there are still looming questions as to what occurred between the ears of James Comey concerning his nonsensical decision not to recommend prosecution for Hilary Clinton.

Yes, we know the left in this country (including the mainstream media), is determined to keep telling the public that it has been the Republicans who have dragged things out, The right has only been engaging in a "witch-hunt" as it pertains to Hilary, pay no attention to the fact that this administration has done everything they could to lie, obfuscate, and stall all of the investigations that have occurred. Obama even tried telling the American people that initial probes were exhaustive, knowing this was false.

The issue with Benghazi is directly related to the e-mail probe because Hilary repeatedly testified about various e-mail communications. The American public is now being asked to believe that while Hilary repeatedly lied during her testimony, she really didn't realize she was doing anything wrong when she set up a private server and proceeded to send classified information.

How exactly does someone with such great authority as Hilary not understand that sending classified e-mails are prohibited from a private server? According to Comey, she just didn't know, she wasn't sophisticated enough. Yet she was sophisticated enough to have a private server set up in the first place? The left now wants this same woman to be considered for holding the highest office of the land? What kind of crack are these people smoking?

As far as her intentions, we are told to accept this bizarre narrative that claims Hilary didn't know what she was doing therefore, the government simply cannot do anything to ensure some sort of consequences for her reckless behavior. Has anyone ever heard of such nonsense? One of the first things a young student of American History learns is, "ignorance is no excuse for the law." We are talking high school level here. Wasn't Hilary a lawyer earlier in her career? While the court may favor a lighter sentence for a person who truly meant no harm (depending on the specifics), that doesn't mean a crime wasn't committed and punishments are not given. For example, a person who kills intentionally vs. a person who kills recklessly is certainly going to be considered differently under the law. However, in the case of recklessness, it hardly equals the prosecution just dropping the case altogether.

Recently we have learned that in some of these private e-mails on Hilary's personal server she had discussed a scientist the U.S. was paying in exchange for secret information on the Iranian government. The man was put to death for treason. We have also learned that $400 million had been sent to Iran in what seems to be a ransom for hostages.

Listen to Ben Shapiro comment on James Comey and just how illogical and implausible his statements to the public have been.

Link to the full video of Trey Gowdy and James Comey.

Shapiro on Benghazi. Here Shapiro explains the final report and what really was discovered.

Here is the link to WikiLeakes.

Anyone who actually watched any part of these hearings would know just how difficult Hilary was and know she lied. Why Comey chose to ignore this may never be answered.  We do know Lorretta Lynch conveniently met with Bill Clinton just prior to announcing her decision that she would not proceed to go after Hilary. She insists that her and Bill met at the airport out of pure coincidence and spoke of their grandchildren and golf. What an amazingly horrible time for such a coincidence. Geezus, these people think we are stupid.

Imagine if you will how ludicrous this sounds. These two people expect us to believe they just so happened to be at a particular airport at the same time and Bill just so happened to decide for his security detail to stop everything just so he can go say "hi" to the very women who will, in a very short time, make a serious decision concerning his wife's status in life. Never once did this man think to himself, "ya know, this might not look so good for anyone involved, including Hilary, so I think I'll just wait this out for now"? Nope, he instead just felt so overwhelmed with joy and excitement because he just had to go meet up with Loretta to talk about his grandchildren and of course ask her about hers. Yep, that's it!

The audacity of these two to believe the American public is this stupid is just plain insulting. Yes, there are indeed idiots out there who are so desperate to confirm their ever-growing leftist bias, insisting that their precious leftist figures walk on water. However, most people, left or right, are smart enough to know a deal was made.

Watch Clinton during her interview with Chris Wallace. Chris confronts her with the reality that Comey confirmed she lied during her testimony. She stated she had not sent any classified information and in fact she did. She talks about some nonsense about people retroactively changing messages to classified but that literally makes no sense. None of that was ever brought up before so why would this be something any of us should accept now? Again, Hilary went out of her way to set up this private server. Who does this when they are guaranteed a secure server from the government?

Now she sounds like she's trying to blame other people. I don't know what her excuse is here. Again, Clinton does not truly answer the question and those protecting her are not answering questions. It becomes extremely frustrating for many of us to even watch this scenario play out. These democrats seem to be gas lighting the public. You cannot say Hilary did nothing wrong and blame Republicans for dragging this out when you have people who are purposefully ignoring questions, refusing to cooperate, and just flat out lying when they are asked probing questions.

Hilary and the company she keeps seem to believe they are above reproach and have no qualms about lying to the American public. One can only imagine just how far she will go if she's elected as president.


You Tube Channels I Like

Over the past year, I have found myself listening to commentators found on YouTube. There is something refreshing about listening to ordinary, intelligent people contributing to the political dialogue. I decided to make a list in order to pay tribute to those YouTubers I enjoy.

The top channels I listen to and why: (They are not in any particular order). 

1) Steven Crowder - Crowder does a show called Louder with Crowder. He typically interviews guests and does comedy sketches. You have the option of watching his full show or you can watch smaller clips with highlights from those shows. Crowder is funny, witty, and very intelligent. He's a conservative Christian and his shows mainly focus on US politics and culture issues.

2) Maddox - One of my favorite personalities. A very funny, talented guy who holds nothing back. He doesn't use YouTube as often as he should but most all his videos are funny rants about whatever happens to be bothering him at that time. Maddox does a weekly podcast, found on his website. While I don't agree with Maddox on a variety of issues, there is no doubt he always presents very sound logical arguments and will encourage you to think.

3) 6oodfella - Based in Scotland, 6oodfella is a breath of fresh air. I ran across his channel while seeking out content pertaining to criticism of feminism. I could listen to his voice/accent all day long. Fortunately, many of his videos are quite long so that I can do just that. 
Each video starts with a breathy, "Hi. Thanks for listening." It's always interesting to hear a perspective from someone who lives in Scotland. He doesn't consider himself left or right but, it's hard denying his conservative leanings. 

4) Jeff Holiday - Okay, do not be fooled by Jeff's hippie visage. Rest assured, he will not fill your head with illogical, superfluous rhetoric. He has videos that deal with feminism as well as science. His channel is relatively new but he already has some great videos about GMO's that everyone should watch. Intelligent, thought-provoking, and laid back - I can't imagine this guy being angry, Jeff will often ask his wife to join him. Together they are very funny and engaging. Overall his style is very friendly so you will never feel like you are being preached to but, rather just a friend talking to you.

5) Blaire White - Blaire is unique. She is also relatively new to making videos but her channel has exploded over the last few months. People love her charm and wit. Her humor is clever and her content is entertaining. Oh, and she was once a he.

6) Milo Yiannopoulos - Milo was recently banned from Twitter. He's Breitbart's tech editor. Always ready to charm and offend, Milo provides nonstop retorts that will often give you an initial shock followed by a strong laugh.

7) Billy Bong - I mostly enjoy listening to Billy because he sounds/reminds me of an old friend I've lost touch with. He focuses mainly on taking down the regressive left. He's an atheist so while he doesn't support Christianity, he definitely doesn't support Islam. He lives in NY and as such, is a sane voice in a sea of regressives.

8) SkepTorr - Highly intelligent and always informative, SkepTorr takes on social justice and feminism, debunking their legitimacy. He also provides a voice from Israel, giving a much needed analysis of foreign politics.

9) Myles Power - Myles is a chemist so of course, I adore him. His show mainly focuses on science. I found him while researching 9/11 conspiracies. He has several conspiracy debunking videos that are solid gold. He also debunks myths about GMO's, vaccines, AIDS, and other various woo that plague our culture. A must watch channel for accurate information about complex subjects.

The Doctor Of Common Sense - Raw and passionate, The Doctor provides astute analysis, making fools of the liberal main stream media.
11) Amiri King - Always entertaining, Amiri (a once convicted felon), uses his off-beat humor to expose the silliness of the modern-day liberal. A working-class type of man simply telling it like it is without a PC filter. Not all his videos are about politics. He has many comedy videos anyone can enjoy.

Be sure to check them out and subscribe yourself if you like what you hear. What are some channels you enjoy? Leave a message below. 
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