23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black - Oh Boy!

Recently this video was posted on YouTube. It is similar to The Black Lives Matter in that its focus seems to be surrounding the current narrative of blacks being unfairly killed by police. 

The belief of police brutality as it pertains to the black community has grown so strong that many are accepting this claim as fact without any doubts or curiosity in obtaining actual stats. In other words, the general American audience can be told just about anything and they will believe it so long as it "fits" their bias.

The following video, put together by Alicia Keys and her friends in the entertainment industry, seems to capitalize on this general ignorance but, also exposes their own ignorance concerning crime in the United States.


Martin Shkreli - Hero or Zero?

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He looks a bit like a young Matthew Broderick from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. His name is Martin Shkreli and he's best known as "America's Most Hated Man." The question is -why? What on earth did this man do that could justify such a label?


Two-Sides of the Same Coin #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

The media is at it again, putting forth their racist narrative, catalyzing hate between blacks and whites and blacks and cops. It's not just the left wing media, it's also those on the right who are pushing forward their narrative, which is basically telling everyone, "it's all a lie!"

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are two black males who were recently shot and killed by police officers. These two unrelated events sparked protests and in Dallas, one of them turned violent by a man named Micah Johnson. Johnson ended up shooting 12 police officers and 2 civilians and killing 5 officers. 


Crazy Just Went Up a Notch

According to The Smoking Gun's website, they have received some interesting information via a hacker who calls themselves, Guccifer 2.0. This person claims to be a Romanian hacktivist. There is another hacker who is named Guccifer [Marcel Laz─âr Lehel], who is currently in jail in Alexandria, VA. He has not gone missing, nor is he dead, as some "news publications" are currently claiming.

The investigation concluded this breach to be coming from Russian espionage. On Guccifer 2.0's website, they have released documents showing plans to be carried out during the Republican National Convention.


The 64 Year Switch? Liberals and Their Silly Stories

So the past 24 hours or so I've found myself in a debate on Facebook with a couple of delusional ignorant liberals. Of course, things got heated and I should have known beforehand I was wasting my time, so I have no one to blame but myself. I have had dealings with their idiocy before on other topics. I'm convinced that far-left "liberalism" is a cancer, not that I didn't know this already.

It began last week when I celebrated the British and their Brexit vote. To me, this was quite a victory for our famous ally and to my shock, a pair of liberal Americans (from a debate group), did not share my enthusiasm. One of them began to pout and turned into a gloomy-Gary (yes, I'm making that a name now like "negative Nancy"). His only concern was his money. Now mind you, the British government had already laid out plans for the possibility of an exit and had announced that the initial first days would be volatile but eventually they would level out. I didn't even bother pointing this out to him because I was on the other end of my computer laughing hysterically since this man, an American mind you, all of a sudden wanted us to believe he was an expert in the market.


After the Brexit Vote

Here we are a few days after the vote for Britain to leave the European Union and there are waves of news stories traveling all over the internet.

It seems many younger people are whining and boo-hooing about the vote. Some people are reporting regrets for their vote to leave. I even watched one girl say she thought there would be another vote. Not sure where she would get that idea from. It seems Britain has an equal amount of stupid young people as we do here in the United States. I'm not sure if that comforts me or terrifies me.


Britain Has Left the EU

Good news is being shouted world-wide - BREXIT was a success! They have roundly voted to leave the EU. The naysayers and abusers are licking their wounds and still desperately trying to scare people - telling others how awful everything will be. Yes, it looks like some rough patches ahead but that is going to be necessary for them to fully break away. That's how life is. When you begin again, you have to start from the basics.

David Cameron will step down as Prime Minister and it seems that Boris Johnson is the frontrunner for being the new PM. We will have to wait for more details concerning how this will all play out.

I am very excited about this vote. This is a step in a positive direction for Britain. This step toward independence gives us all hope for Europe and for our own United States.

What's next?

It's time for a new era of independence - freedom reigns!


Scott Baio Talks Reality

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Scott expresses a few thoughts on Obama. These thoughts are certainly nothing shocking for those of us on the right. Is Obama a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer?

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact. We are a sovereign nation. We need to protect our people and this president, Hilary Clinton, don't want to do it. Donald Trump wants to do it."

What he states is absolutely true. The democrat party, for whatever reason, appear to be detached from reality. They want to blame everyone and everything else on the terror attacks that have been going on and will continue to go on.


Thoughts About Orlando

My mind is rushing through so many thoughts and has been for several days now. I'm not even sure where to begin but first, I will say that I offer my condolences to the victims who survived and their friends and family as well as the friends and family who are now missing a loved one due to this tragedy.

Here we are days later and we now know more of the facts that occurred and the person who was behind this massacre.

Omar Mateen, 29-year-old American-born was on an FBI watchlist for years before this event occurred. He was killed in a police shootout. Omar's ex-wife describes him as violent and disturbed. His father hosts a show based out of Los Angeles and it is said he has expressed appreciation for the Afgan Taliban.


American Liberalism - An Abusive Husband

Imagine for a moment that you are therapist and America has scheduled an appointment to meet with you. She arrives late because she's been a bit depressed. She tells you her spouse, liberalism from the current administration, has not been treating her very well. Being the therapist you are, you press America for more information.

"What do you mean exactly?" A long pause follows and America finally, timidly tells you that in the beginning she was excited. She fell for the whole "hope and change" that her soon-to-be husband had promised her. She finally found a man that was going to take care of her, give her healthcare, fix the economy, and bring peace to the world.

Soon after she would discover that her new joint bank account had been depleted. Notices would arrive in the mail, one right after the next that would demand her and her husband to answer questions about various scandals. Guns were being sold to Mexico, there were poor investments made in energy companies, even a basic website for the healthcare would not function properly but, her husband kept assuring her that everything was going to be fine.

As time continued to pass, her husband started calling her names and blaming her and her prior husband for the poor management of money and even insisting that she was at fault for wars. The new husband never did anything to stop the wars, in some cases increasing the war activity but that didn't stop him from getting angry at her. The husband even encouraged his friends to gang up on America and they went so far, to the point of gaslighting her. They would insist they were for peace but somehow they forgot that they themselves had voted for prior wars. "How did this happen to me? He and his friends use to support me but now they pretend like that never happened. I can't even reason with him anymore."

America had prayed and hoped something would change. She explains to you she's always been an optimist and didn't want to feed into silly conspiracies or stories about her new husband. "Haters! I just called them all haters and racists!" That was all good until she was the one being called a racist.

Then she was accused of being a homophobe and her husband demanded same-sex marriage. This seemed like a bit of progress in many ways, but America was prudent and was unsure about it only because it seemed a bit forced. "Awh well, let them be just as miserable as straight people," America said in jest. She decided to celebrate with her husband and all seemed well but, deep down America felt another storm brewing.

It seemed like nothing America did could please her husband. It's been almost 8 years and nearly every day she finds that she's offending him constantly. She can no longer joke about anything. Her husband also added Islamaphobe to the daily ad hominem attacks. Islamaphobe? America couldn't understand this accusation at all. All she did was point out to her husband that terror always seems to come from extreme fractions of the Islamic world. One of her Embassy's was attacked and he did nothing to protect her. He knew it was terrorism that attacked her but he and his friends tried blaming it all on some protest that never occurred. "Why wouldn't he want to protect me? Why would he lie about it? He makes me look foolish. He always calls me stupid," America confesses to you, as she sinks into her chair. You can see the shame and despair in her eyes.

"This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. It sounds as though you are being verbally and emotionally abused," you tell her.

"I feel that way. I'm always being told by him that I'm privileged and I don't give people enough. I'm white and cis-gendered, whatever the hell that means, and I should think more of other people but I DO! I really do! Everything I've done over the years has been me attempting to be better but nothing pleases him. Nothing!" America is now in tears, uncontrollably sobbing. You hand her a tissue.

"I used to have friends but, I feel like I don't anymore." She goes on to explain that her husband has accused her of not paying women equally but that she's gone to one expert after the next who has provided study after study that shows this accusation isn't true. She's tried to tell him that men and women are just different and choose different jobs and careers. He just responded by calling her a misogynist.

She used to have friends from all different classes and races, some rich and some poor, some black and some brown, and they all used to get along but now none of them want to be around her and they certainly don't want to be around each other. "He tells me that not only do I hate women and continue to make war with them, I hate minorities and poor people but, I was once poor and I have all sorts of races that are part of my background so I don't understand where he gets the nerve to tell me I don't care and I am an egalitarian for goodness sake!" More tears spring from her eyes, followed by a deep breath. "I refuse to feel sorry for myself anymore but I don't know what to do? The worst part is, he keeps inviting people into our home. People we don't know. They haven't been screened for diseases. Many of them have Tuberculosis and I worked so hard to eradicate that disease! They don't speak English, which is frustrating because I can't even communicate with them or get to know them. Many of them seem very nice but there are quite a few that just destroy our home and don't care about being courteous to either one of us." She further explains that whenever she expresses concern over these visitors, he ignores her, puts his hand up, and shouts, "RACIST!" and proceeds to walk away.

You tell her it's okay to be mad and it's okay to be upset. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. You further warn her that she must get out of this relationship.


American liberalism as we know it has turned into an abusive husband. Its nature is to demonize and belittle. It's taken away our dignity and has done nothing but complain and put us down at every turn.

If you were a therapist and this is the way a woman was being treated by her husband, would you not also advise her to leave?

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