Michael Brown's Mother Reacts to Descison

Of course we expect a mother to be upset in this Ferguson case. Certainly we have all been in situations where we are too close for comfort, it prevents us from understanding the full picture or taking in the reality.

The decision was made not to indict Officer Wilson because this is what the Grand Jury concluded based on the facts, the witnesses, the physical evidence, and other statements. They had the option of inditing him on a wide variety of charges including involuntary manslaughter. There simply was NO case to be made. No probable cause was found.

Ferguson - Riot Time

I guess I knew it was going to happen. I feel as if no matter what the decision was going to be - indictment or not, Ferguson was going to get rocked tonight by unruly people who are hell bent on destroying their own home town.

Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted. The grand jury was given the entire facts of the case and have determined that there simply is no case against this man According to various current sources, the federal investigation will produce the same outcome - no case against Wilson.

Let's be clear here. Many of the witnesses had changed their stories when confronted with the physical evidence. When people lie, they are not consistent.

The unidentified witness wrote that the 18-year-old Brown “has his arms out with attitude,” while “The cop just stood there.” The witness added, “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player head down.” 
The witness told of hearing “3 bangs,” but “the big kid wouldn’t stop.”

So you have this young man, walking down the middle of the road, a man who just robbed a store and threw the clerk of that store around like a rag doll, a young man who refuses to listen to the officer who tells him to get out of the street, and this same man strong arming a police officer who he punches in the face. After getting shot, and his DNA magically finds it's way on Officer Wilson's gun, he takes off and then turns around and charges the police officer. Yeah, I would say that justifies being shot.

College-bound-Brown chatting about cigars with local business owner

It's easy for the public to make assumptions about how Officer Wilson should have reacted or could have reacted. It's easy for us to say that Michael Brown was unarmed and posed no real threat. Are you aware of how many people are killed as a result of one-punch homicide? Many people are. It CAN happen.

Again, witnesses testified that Brown attacked Wilson and tried to get his gun, then charged at him. These are the facts and it's a shame that the black community in this country is once again being misled by those "leaders" who like to cherry-pick facts and create what is ultimately fiction.

Does racism occur in this country? I'm sure it does but the stories that are chosen by the media and held up as examples of racism seem to fall flat when the facts are outright presented. You would think that with all the racism that's out there - according to many people, we would be able to find a real good story where racism is obvious rather than being speculative.

Now, as I type Ferguson is up in flames and soon to be a pile of ashes. Businesses have been destroyed. People are being shot and injured. Only after time passes will the final aftermath be tallied and recorded. This night shall go down in history as being yet another riot that produces nothing but rather impedes on the lives of many.


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Top Obama Supporter and Gay Rights Advocate Terry Bean Arrested - Child Sex Scandal

(Photo: Multnomah County Detention Center)

Terrance Patrick Bean has been arrested on two felony counts of sex with a minor. Terrance Bean is also a huge supporter of Obama and in 2012, he is responsible for raising more than half a million dollars for the re-election campaign. 
"Bean has been one of the state's biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state," reports oregonlive.com. "He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama."
Kiah Loy Lawson, 25(Photo: Multnomah County Detention Center)

 Kiah Loy Lawson, 25, is the former boyfriend of Bean and he has also been arrested by the Portland Sex Crimes Unit. He is being accused of sexually abusing the same boy Bean abused. 

The main stream media has been silent on this scandal. No shocker here!



Bill Cosby - Oh Boy...Say it Ain't So

Okay, I admit; I like Bill Cosby; I do not want to picture him as a man who would do harm to anyone, let alone rape a woman. With that being said, watch the video on the link...here. .

Here is another interview from Barbara Bowman. In addition, her story - in her words, can be found here.

Bowman, sort of a Sharon Stone-looking gal back in the day. 

When the news and allegations first came out about Bill Cosby, they seemed to surface and disappear as quick as they came. This was years ago. I think it's fair to say that the public at large assumed the matter was settled and that the claims were either false or that conceptual sex had taken place instead rather than rape.

Now, years later some comedian Hannibal Buress, calls out Bill Cosby and claims he's a rapist. He tells his audience:

When you leave here, Google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ It’s not funny.



Obama, Biden, Democrats, Impeachment

Trey Gowdy, Congressman from South Carolina, told the public that he would not support impeachment of the president saying, "Have you met Joe Biden?"

Yes, indeed Obama had a reason for picking his running mate Biden. By doing so, he also assured himself that no attempts on his life would be made either.

Talk of impeachment has been increasing since Obama announced he would be using executive order for the purposes of overhauling our immigration policy.
A senior aide to a House Republican told MailOnline on Friday that 'Avoiding the "I" word' is a case of 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't.' 
'Only in this case, we're pretty sure we know both devils. And Biden – he's two floppy shoes short of a complete clown outfit. Let's be honest: He's Obama's insurance policy.'
According to the article in The Daily Mail, it seems as though Gowdy is being very honest. He states that the idea of impeaching Obama is simply not a solution and rather it is pundits who are discussing the idea.

He is right. It is because of so many different political pundits and 24 hour news stations these radical ideas are discussed and suggested will occur.

Still the idea of a president ignoring Congress, ignoring the American people in order to change the immigration law does seem to be an impeachable offense however, it would be much better to figure out exactly what it is he is planning on doing and what he actually does. Could the threat alone be enough for Congress to be proactive and perhaps find a way to initiate a compromise? Perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

One thing I do believe, I hope, we can all agree none of us want this man in Obama's place:

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