The Muse: Depression– Selfish State of Mind

The Muse: Depression– Selfish State of Mind: I have decided to go ahead and write about this topic since my recent comments on social media concerning the suicide of Robin Williams cre...


Jesse Jackson Not Wanted in St. Louis?

Jesse Jackson was confronted by protesters. The video makes it clear that many are not happy with Jesse's presence, going so far as to accuse him of selling people out, being lazy by not participating in the march, and not being a real leader. Ouch!

More Videos From Western Journalism


Michael Brown

The recent story concerning the shooting of young Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO has taken off and spun into a weave of stories that contain accusations of racism and police brutality.

I have been around awhile now so when I hear the names Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I know to keep calm, let the facts come out, and soon we will be exposed to the outrageous lies that surround the case. 


Dershowitz vs. Chomsky

In 2012 a debate took place at Harvard between Alan Dershowitz and Noam Chompsky; the topic was Israel.

Considering the current situation in the Middle East, I am posting this debate for those that have not seen it before or those who would like to see it again.


Loving Joan Rivers!!!

I've always loved Joan and I love her even more after watching this. I could not have said it better myself!

G-d bless you, Joan!!!


Dear Eddie Vedder,

I have been a huge fan of yours for years. The first time I heard you play was at The Peony Park Ballroom in 1991 here in Omaha, NE. Pearl Jam opened for Red Hot Chile Peppers. I, like many of my friends had never heard of your band; we only saw the name of your band on our concert ticket. After that concert, you gained many fans here, including myself and to this day that concert is spoken about in legendary terms.


Knox and Sollecito - Are They Finally Beginning to Crack?

Recently Raffaele Sollecito held a press conference. He and Amanda Knox have been recently convicted again in Italy for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

This murder case has been carrying on and on since 2007 when the two were originally arrested. Unlike the United States, Italy allows for the state to appeal three (3) times, the same amount of times that a defendant may appeal. Oh how I wish we had this back when this country witnessed Casey Anthony walk off after being tried for killing her precious baby Caylee.

I digress....
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