Congratulations to Bruce Jenner for Coming Out As a Conservative!

In the much anticipated interview of Bruce Jenner by Diane Sawyer, Bruce bravely admitted to being a conservative Republican! [Gasp!] This was extremely brave to do and I fully support and congratulate him!

He also mentioned something about turning into a women. 

I wasn't planning on watching this interview but, when I noticed it was about to come on while surfing the channels I decided - why not? I have actually always like Bruce Jenner. Out of the Kardashian-clan Bruce was the one to be admired and most respected. After all, he's the 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medal winner and they are - well, they are ... they are Kardashians. 

I'm actually glad I did. As always, Bruce was a class-act who explained he was interested in just being himself.

While the show itself tried desperately to make him look like a victim of some sort, Bruce told the audience, that if this was the only problem he has then he's doing quite well and I completely agree.

This was a great interview. Bruce is truly a likable guy - errr... women. She is required to live a year as a female. Then Bruce will decide if s/he wants to have reassignment surgery. Bruce did not reveal if he was a woman who wanted to be with a man or a women who wanted to be with another women. It seems he has merely felt like a women inside for a very long time. 


Book Review - Surviving Puberty Erecting Your Future and Making the Breast Decisions

Surviving Puberty – Erecting Your Future and Making the Breast Decisions by Chad Bishoff is a book that asks the question, “Does puberty really end?”

Chad introduces himself as a young man who grew up in Omaha, NE from a middle-class home and a Catholic upbringing.

There is something that goes on during the ages of puberty that our minds do not quite understand. Even as adults it’s hard to really grasp all these changes and explain all the “why’s” concerning our thoughts, our actions, and even our behaviors. Chad Bishoff’s book is one-of-a-kind since he actually reverts back in time by prying open his most treasured journals during his pubescent years.  A brave and bold move indeed and does not disappoint its reader.

The book goes back and forth between Chad’s perspective as a young man in his late 20’s and actual journal entries from his past. This juxtaposition allows the reader to learn more about who Chad is as an individual and also as any other man or boy in the world. Chad assured us that the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

It’s hard not to think back on your own childhood as you read through the passages of his journal. Many references to pop culture’s past will find you trying to remember where you were when “this” movie was released or when “that” song was playing on top-40 radio.

The book is certainly not intended for children but rather for adults who either share these types of experiences like other men or, for mothers who have a son or a growing young man in their lives. In fact a mother may gain a new perspective into what types of thoughts her son is experiencing and may even discover that those thoughts are not much different when compared to her own formative years.

The most obvious topic that permeates the pages of this book is sex. As one can anticipate the desire to gain a girlfriend and engage in sexual activities is a dominate theme inside the cranium of a pubescent boy. Chad reveals his sensitive side as well, expressing a yearning for a serious, committed relationship.

Another theme that came to my mind while reading this book comes from the story of  Sisyphus, from Greek mythology about the man who would push a boulder up a large hill only to find when he reached the top it would fall back down again. Chad's book reminds us to remember that we are always learning and always wanting more . There is a value in being able to look back at your life and having a greater understanding of your experiences.

PROS: The book provides insight and humor into the life of a young man who shares all the dirty details of his young-self growing up. It's interesting, not boring; it's a very quick read and keeps you entertained. There are a few parts that might make you feel embarrassed or even cringe but, this can be considered a pro rather than a con. A good book elicits emotion.

CONS: It was a quick read and I found myself wanting more.

To order your copy, click here and you can pre-order this book. It will be released in honor of National Honesty Day, April 30th.


Robert Downey Jr.Walks OUT on Rude Interviewer

Let me just first say that I have always, always LOVED Robert Downey Jr. Ever since I was a young kid I have adored him because he has always been so incredibly talented. Even in his dark days, I really liked this guy. I always had hope for him and to watch him climb from the gutters of addiction and become the star he is today is just incredible and makes an American proud.

This interview that was done by some dullard from the UK starts off with asking questions about the new movie coming out for Iron Man.

Finally the guy decides to badger Downey about a quote that was from Downey several years ago. Here is some history...

Downey did an interview after he got himself cleaned up and he made a quote that became rather controversial in Hollywood but was celebrated among the conservatives in America. This was from The New York Times in 2008:

“I have a really interesting political point of view, and it’s not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here. But you can’t go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal. You can’t. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone else, but it was very, very, very educational for me and has informed my proclivities and politics every since.”

I have always believed that Downey was not necessarily speaking about being a Republican but rather that he changed in such a way that showed him the importance of taking personal responsibility for his life. Rather than externalizing blame, one needs to find strength inside of themselves.

If you have ever known people who have battled with drug abuse or alcohol abuse, it is clear that many of them carry along a victim type mentality. Now couple all this with Downey's fairly privileged background being born into Hollywood royalty, it's easy to see how a person can become full of themselves. Indulging in drugs and leading a careless life eventually led him to reach a bottom that many in Hollywood never see. That type of change clearly led him to becoming more humble and in turn generally more conservative. It goes along with the same old adage, "If you're in your 20's and you're not a liberal, you have no heart but if you're in your 30's and you're not a conservative you have no brain."

It's about growing up and it's about maturing. Some people put labels on it but, sometimes these labels change and sometimes the labels are accurate. I believe Downey was there to do an interview and not discuss politics. He's an actor and ultimately he's representing the studio. He's not there to isolate audience members talking about politics or philosophy. The questioning as it pertains to this type of interview was uncalled for and confrontational.

I'm very glad to see Downey walk out. It doesn't matter what he believed then or now. This type of questioning did not belong in this interview.


Thinking Critically - Maddox Debunks Wage Myth

The Obama years have brought us controversy. One issue after the other is discussed in such a way to divide Americans. We now have more animosity between blacks and whites, illegals and citizens, criminals and law enforcement, and of course women and men.

Yes, one can argue that Americans do need to discuss many difficult issues. Certainly it is better to discuss things than to sweep them under the rug. We can also argue that these discussions could be more productive if we are more willing to deal with real facts and real issues rather than propaganda and entirely made up statistics for the purposes of pushing an agenda.

How many times have we been told of a story about an important issue where someone has cited a statistic to support them or cited some wild story that occurred, only to discover the stats were misleading or the initial reports surrounding the story were completely wrong? Let's face it, if these issues were so prevalent it would actually be quite easy to find a good story to support their issues. It would not be necessary to fudge facts and/or numbers.

Most Americans have no problems discussing issues that are of major concern but let us always take the time to vet stories until all the facts rise to the surface and let us always remain true to the facts, no matter how uncomfortable they might make us.

The following video by Maddox debunks perfectly and thoroughly the myth of women's wages that has been making its rounds AGAIN in the last year.


Idiocy That People Like and I Cannot Stand

Pulp Fiction 

For years people around me have glorified this movie, demanding I watch it and go on and on ad nauseam about how great it is, how original it is, etc. I remember when it first came out. The hype of this movie was over the top, even before it was officially released.


UVA Hoax - Rape Hoax- Feminists - Have They Declared a War on Men?

Just when you think you've heard the whole story....there's more...

*The following content deals with sensitive material*

Jackie Coakley is the sole source of Rolling Stone Magazine's recently retracted "gang rape" article written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely. Her name has been outed by several other sources all over the internet and after reading the context of this story and watching interviews given by the three friends that are referenced in the original I have no qualms about publishing her name.


Rolling Stone's- Jackie and Her Gang Rape

**This article contains sensitive material. Please be advised.**

"A Rape On Campus" an article written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely was recently retracted by Rolling Stone magazine. Everyone is issuing an apology and of course that's all fine and dandy but the damage is done. A victim crying rape and then later discovering the allegation is false is not something the accused can bounce back from immediately.

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