David Spade Comes Through for the Phoenix Police Department.

I've heard this guy is a conservative. I'm not sure but, he has been linked to Heather Locklear so, who knows?

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Again, I have to say, I do not know for sure about any political affiliation that Dave Spade has but, I do enjoy his comedy.

I want to mention that I absolute love David Spade's comedy movie, "Dickie Roberts Former Child Star." I think this is one of the most conservative type movie I have seen in recent years.

If you have not seen this move, I highly recommend seeing it or, just buying it. It is a simple movie depicting David Spade as a former childhood film star, who struggles with making a comeback in Hollywood. The theme of the movie is that a person should not be loved for being famous but, to be loved and allow fame to follow.

This is actually one of my favorite movies. It has a lot of the witty comedy that is expected from David Spade but, it also is a touching movie that shows a nice sensitivity. David Spade plays Dickie Roberts, who is a once favorite childhood star, who has fallen. He then tries to make several comebacks but, finally finds a special role that may propel him back into stardom as an adult actor. He hires a family to help him relive the childhood he never had, in order to obtain this role.

The overall theme becomes the importance of family. The love that one experiences from family is what is most important. That is one of the reasons why I love this film.


Luke said...

That movie is knucking futz! Lol

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