"Delusions" With Charlie Sheen

Charlie, looking haggard 

Years ago, Charlie Sheen used to be cool, then came the prostitutes and drugs. After, it had seemed that Charlie just sort of slipped off the map, along with the rest of Hollywood's troubled souls. It was Two and Half Men that seemed to propel Sheen back on top.

Recently, it seems Sheen has constantly been in the headlines but, not much of the press has been positive. The co-creator of Two and Half Men, Chuck Lorre, is Sheen's latest victim in a rant he had on a recent radio show.

If you'd like to hear this, click here. The video was disabled for embedding.

The show has wrapped up for the season because of Sheen's actions. The staff and crew, along with the rest of the cast will now all suffer because of Sheen's actions.

Charlie is an okay actor but, it is a miracle that he has been able to become this successful on such limited talent. It's also a miracle that he's been able to engage in so many destructive behaviors and have a career for this long.

The show has not announced if they will come back next season. It does look like they have already decided that they would not return with a replacement for Sheen. I would hope that this is the end of the road for him. I also believe that as much of a crappy situation this is for everyone else involved, they will be better off in the long run not having to deal with the toxic piece of waste Charlie has become.

He needs help. He's in total denial of what is going on.
Charlie Sheen's state of denial continues. This morning, he texted ABC News that he plans to show up for work on Tuesday as previously planned despite yesterday's decision by CBS and Two and a Half Menproducer Warner Bros. to cancel the rest of the show's current eighth season. And he had more insults for Men co-creator Chuck Lorre whom he called a "clown" and "loser." He then had another outburst on radio show  Loose Cannons, calling Lorre and fellow Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn "a couple of AA Nazis" and stating that he was at "war" with CBS and Warner Bros., in which "defeat is not an option." Sheen even insulted the show that has been paying him more than  $1.2 million an episode, calling Two and a Half Men"dribble" and "pukefest that everybody worships."
It turns out Charlie Sheen was not done for the day. The actor continued his down-spiral following the announcement of the Men production shutdown. In an open letter via TMZ, Sheen called Lorre  a "s contaminated little maggot" and "earthworm." "I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels." "I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong," he said. Sheen has been vocal about his displeasure with WBTV and CBS' decision to shut down production on the show in January so he can undergo treatment and had hinted that he may take legal action. He previously retained leading Hollywood litigator Marty Singer and threatened to sue the studio if they stopped production without a cause. 
Just how delusional is Sheen? He just told another online tabloid, Radar, that he was already "in serious negotiations with HBO to star in his own half-hour show. He even had a title for it, Sheen’s Corner, listed a sky-high salary for himself, $5 million an episode, and a 10-show guarantee. “It will be epic," Sheen said. The problem is that Sheen is under a deal at WBTV and there is no HBO show.
Wow. So he's telling people he's going to HBO and HBO is denying any such proposal ever existed? Something is seriously wrong with this man.

It's amazing to me that we see these types of stories in Hollywood over and over again. Lohan is another star who has been repeatedly in the news for crime after crime. You have to ask yourself, "when?" When is Hollywood going to learn that this is what happens when you raise your kids with extreme liberal "values"? This is what happens with you pamper these people that never learned about taking any responsibility for their own lives. They literally believe they do nothing wrong and have a complete sense of entitlement.

Now, you can kind of understand this behavior when someone is in their early 20's but, Sheen is now 45. It does not appear that he will ever get his act together. Let's just hope this is the end of his road with Two and Half Men so, he can try and focus on cleaning himself up.

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