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Since I have spent quite a bit of time on the Zimmerman case, I have found myself lingering on a blog that has done absolutely amazing coverage on the Trayvon story. They have been able to clearly connect the dots and make sense out of this wild and bizarre tale that has been played out in the media over the last couple months.

Do take some time to click the title of this thread to visit and have a look around. They have several different types of updates on the case. The most impressive have included a step-by-step explanation of the supposed girlfriend's testimony and call logs. Without the doubt, The Conservative Tree House proves this so-called conversation that took place between her and Trayvon the night of the shooting was completely fabricated. In fact, the call logs show times that are converted into Pacific Time and not Eastern Standard Time. Apparently this detail was neglected when Crump tried fabricating evidence.

Other information that will fascinate you are the key players and what their role has been in bringing this case to light and putting pressure on the powers that be in order to arrest Zimmerman. There are details about Zimmerman and his involvement with helping bring justice to a homeless black man who was beat up by Justin Collison. Justin's father is a Sanford police lieutenant. Reports reveal that those who knew Zimmerman was clearly not a racist, stood by and did nothing to correct the media hype that insisted this case was about racism.

This case is so much more than what has been shown. It has become a stage for corrupt individuals to play out their parts without facing any consequences. Hopefully this will catch up with them soon and justice can be served for Zimmerman. He has become merely a pawn in a deceitful game to obtain wealth and fame. Trayvon's own parents seem glad to join in on the distortions and collection of money. No longer are they the innocent victims; they are active members in a gang of extortionists who have no concern over Trayvon's life but rather interest in money.

Definitely take the time to walk through their updates and information. It is truly mind-blowing! This site deserves an award for their in-depth coverage. This type of coverage is almost unheard of in the main-stream media. Mad props and thanks to their blog!


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of racist pieces of trash you ppl are.SMDH.

550f558a-dcc9-11e1-96e3-000bcdca4d7a said...

you people are sick there is no evidence trayvon ever sold drugs to anyone and most teenagers have tried weed none of which is relevant to his being murdered what were you doing at his age? you bring up him supposedly hitting a bus driver there is no record of him hitting a bus driver you bring stolen jewelery if that story is true he was never arrested or charged with stealing anything that jewelery was never reported stolen you make a bis deal about him smoking tobacco so what a lot of teens smoke including my nephews.you ignore the fact that trayvon has no criminal record all in an effort to excuse a murdering dirt bag you ignore Zimmerman's lack of injuries he had no broken nose no contusions no black eyes nt swollen face,those are the injuries he would have had if Trayvon was beating him like he says (i've had black eyes they don't heal in a 30 minutes it takes at least 2 or 3 days for black eye to heal at the police station that night he had no black eyes. yuou ignore the fact that the blood from those 2 tiny cuts flow toward his face he was not on his back when he got those wounds. you ignore that fact that based on his own account it would have been impossible for him to grab his gun trayvon was on top of the gun he would not have known the gun was there.remember he said trayvon was on top of him beating him.the position of trayvon's legs and knees would have also made it impossible for him to grab his gun .you ignore the fact that the location of trayvon's body doesn't match his story.trayvon's body was found 50ft away from where he said he shot him and 300ft away form his truck he said he was 100 ft away from his truck.you ignore the fact there was no Zimmerman DNA or blood on trayvon's hands or sleeves.he says he was attacked while going back to his truck after going to get an address for the police he was no longer talking to the police and he ahd already told the police what street he was on his truck (if it was where people think it was) was near houses with clearly marked addresses you ignore the fact he claims Trayvon circled his truck before running away,he never mentions that during his call WHY?because it never happened. we know he pursued Trayvon we can hear him running. He first tell the police to me him at the mail boxes then changes his mind and say "Call me and i'll tell you where i'm at" why? obviously he found trayvon decided to confront him the last thing his girlfriend heard and she has no reason to lie was trayvon Saying "Get off me!!! Get off me!!! he had no right to approach Trayvon he was not a member of law inforcement or a licensed security guard. i guess you are ignornant enough to believe a man with a gun in his hand is going to scream for help.i heard those scrams those were the screams of a teenage boy.he supposedly was being beaten up but he made no effort defend himself.Aer we to believe he just laid there while a skinny 158lb kid was beating him up but after nearly a minute he grabs his gun and shoots a perfectly straight shoot through trayvon's chest. I don't think so. the bullet traveled perfectly straight front to back through trayvon,s body a shot that would only be possible if the shooters arm was fully extended when the gun was fired.he started the whole sequence of events which led to a 17 year old kids death he was the aggressor. following someone is an aggressive act getting out of your truck and chasing someone is an aggressive act he presented himself as a threat which is why trayvon ran in the first place.the fact that he used hollow point bullets show he wanted to make sure he did as much damage as possible if he shot someone. he already had his gun out otherwise he would not have been able to shoot trayvon.you can ignore his lies all you want you demonize trayvon all you want it doesn't change the fact that he killed an unarmed teenager while he was begging for his life.It's up to god to judge you now.

Tuesday Money said...

LOL! I guess I should ignore the fact that you clearly know nothing about this case. I will also TRY my best to ignore the fact that you have a very poor grasp on the English language. It is very difficult to read through that muddled writing up there.

Let me ask you, if there is no record of Trayvon previously engaging in illegal activities, then why was the very first action taken by the Martin attorneys to seal his records? There would be no records to seal if he had none. Using some simple logic skills that should have been developed in grade school, you should be able to make clearer sense of this case.

I find it amusing that you lecture to me not to judge, yet ironically your very first words are, "you people are sick ..." So does this mean that judging is cool for you and your friends, just not anyone else? Then you back up your assertions with distortions and lies. Come on. Get a clue already. Based on what you have written above, I can only conclude that you are in grade school -- maybe a sixth grade education and logic skill set at best. Come back and talk to me when you have grown up.

Tuesday Money said...

Every single "fact" that you have listed in that muddled post is absolute horse sh!t. Seriously. Not ONE thing you said about the case is true. Not ONE thing. Where on earth are you going for information? The Grind? LMAO!

Before you comment elsewhere about this case, it would behoove you to learn more so that you stop making an utter fool of yourself. Of course, you might already know that already considering you have to post without an identity.

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