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A few months back I ran into some interesting characters trolls on Facebook. I was visiting a page that was set up for an event that happened to have a conservative bent to it. While commenting and meeting new friends, we were somewhat "attacked" by a group of  trolls who were determined to shut us up. They were relentless in their cause of pushing forth propaganda and insulting people who supported the page. I was rather confused because you would think that if there is an event you don't support, a normal person would probably just ignore the page altogether or maybe make a nasty comment and leave.

Once I started clicking on these troll-files, I discovered that most of them had either just been created, indicating that they were open for the purposes of insulting behind a fake account, while others were actually pages that were formed for the purposes of trolling on Facebook. Some of these pages were completely devoted to taking screen caps of various posts that included pictures or statuses that they didn't like and then immediately followed by their own comments that contained vile words, anger, insults, and sophomoric attempts at comedy. All of them were obsessed with a new word they created, "teabilly" and it appears as though their main course of action during their troll-posts was to use the word "teabilly" as many times as possible. Another noteworthy characteristic concerning these screen-caps that were posted on their pages where other "friends" could laugh, like, and pat them on the back, was that any responses to their posts were conveniently omitted. Their insecurity shows through like a bright bleach-spot on a pair of new, black pants.

Some of them even went so far as to seek out my name and find by blog page that I have listed on Facebook. After they commented on one of my posts, they immediately screen-capped the information, ran back to their page, posted, and waited for their sycophants to congratulate them on their amazing ignorance. What they did not post was my response and honestly, I can understand why. Obviously they were embarrassed of someone being able to point out their absurd conclusions. Also when I checked the other conversations they screencapped and posted, I found that absolutely none of them included the responses.

I cannot help but pity these people. Apparently they are so confident in their beliefs that they have to hide behind fake accounts, fake names, and resort to silly insults in order to feel good about themselves and their spiritually arrested state of development pertaining to their philosophy. Their pages are filled with displaying their own hatred yet, they project this on to anyone who disagrees with them. You would think they would notice the irony themselves but, no such luck.

Here is a typical conversation among them and notice how they admit to being trolls, as if it were a proud label to wear:

(King Troll)--(Name of troll) was taken from us. but you can't keep a good patriot down. Journey over and say "welcome back." 
(Facebook page of said troll)
This is a site for laughter and mockery of Teabaggers. This is not a debate forum. Douchebags will be banned. Have a nice day! LOL! 1Like ·  · Share ***** and 13 others like this.
(Another troll name)-- Praise be to the (Troll name)
7 hours ago · Like · 5 
(Name of troll)-- Thank you (King Troll)! We have fought the good fight together from the very beginning!
6 hours ago · Like · 1 
(King Troll) -- Would appear the carnage continues. I backed everything up last night in anticipation.
6 hours ago · Like · 1 
(Yet another troll) --These religious freaks haven't a clue, what kind of shit storm they are making, do they?
6 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1 
(Another troll) --So why is this happening suddenly to so many of us trolls?5 hours ago · Like · 1 
(King Troll) --The teabillies occasionally gang up and mass-report to try to drive someone out. They took a shot at me a couple of days ago. I don't know why I'm still here. 
Of course I did not mention any of their names because this would just give them the idea that they are credible in some way; they're not. I'm merely making a point about the type of typical mentality that I witness among the far-left who post on Facebook.

I would never suggest that there are not conservative trolls, however I do not see them making pages where they need to show off their so-called talent for insults and hatred. Mostly they just stick with posting on other pages without needing congratulations from others constantly. I do some know some conservatives who have had to open additional accounts for fear their real accounts would be banned but these were people who were on conservative pages. They were taking precautions due to the troll activity. Trolls actually report people they offend. The liberal troll is not interested in any type of debate; they stick with insults and spewing hate. If you look at the pages they have created, they do not welcome anyone that disagrees with them however, they are quick to point out the intolerance of others if they themselves are banned for trolling.

What struck me as being most disturbing is the fact that these pages are updated daily and constantly. I'm not sure any of these people have jobs. I myself have made screencaps and posted things similar but, I have never found myself doing this day after day and actively seeking out people to insult and berate. The internet is filled with political forums where people engage in hyperbole and political discussions. The people who visit them are aware they will be challenged and insulted from time to time but, when you are just going around to pages on Facebook where you know you disagree with them and have no intention of asking questions or engaging in debate, where your only purpose is to insult a group of people and act like a bully, sceencap, then post to your page in order to feel better about your life, well...I find that to be truly sad.

Unfortunately, with these people there is no reasoning with them. They are most likely unemployed, miserable, insecure, and like causing disruption because that's probably all they have ever known in their personal lives. It's hard to ignore them sometimes because nobody wants to look or feel like a push-over but, for me, if I want that type of flame throwing I just make my way over to a few political forums that I am registered at.

Lesson -- Debating is great. Disagreeing is fine. Spewing hate, vile, and taunting while hiding behind a fake persona is just plain sad.


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